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Topic: Legend Of The Wilds

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    Legend Of The Wilds


    This is the score to the opening sequence of a fantasy game I have been developing. It has more of a big movie-ish feel as that is the style of the game, and it also uses some exotic instuments. I tried to give it some power to make the opening more interesting and fun and have more of an impact. Hope y'all enjoy!

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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Hi Sam.
    A truly outstanding work.
    I'm not a " game player', but I assume that each new theme is associated
    with a new level.
    The end leaves you hanging....
    Gary Mosse

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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Excellent color work in this, Sam... ingenious and
    engaging -- beautifully blended into a moving and
    enticing whole. Some of the orchestration in this
    is stunningly good... Lovely work!


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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Wow that's pretty great. I love the crescendos...I need to figure out how to get me some like that.

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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Smiley

    I love the crescendos...I need to figure out how to get me some like that.
    I'd sell ya a few, Guy; but, alas, Sam bought up my
    last dozen. I didn't realize what he was up to -- but
    it appears he's cornered the market on 'em... Now
    the rest of us, we have to take our decrescendi and
    use 'em backwards!


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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Very cool sound -- can you give a listing of what libraries you used for each part? It doesn't sound like all GPO to me...


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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    I'm glad y'all like it! GPO for strings, woodwinds, main percussion, and some layered brass. Main brass is Project Sam, opening flute is EWQL Rare Instruments, rest is sounds from my keyboard or free demos (like True Strike percussion sample demos)

    That is actually about all the libraries I own, as I am poor and cannot afford much else lol, took years to get what I have now. Many of my sounds are custom edited, however. I record instruments as separate audio tracks, and spend time mixing to make stuff like crescendos using volume fades from piano to forte samples. If you were to listen to each individually, you would hear many of the instruments sounds choppy and pieced-together, because they are lol. Then the song is stitched together and extra stuff like windchimes or effects are mixed in.

    All in all it is very time consuming and pretty frustrating, but is the only way I know of to get the sound I want, other than forking out zillions of dollars for the super libraries with all the articulations and whatnot. But I have found you can get a lot of variety from just one sound using a bit of EQ work

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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Wow, amazing work! You have achieved a wonderful sound... all that work and tweaking has really paid off. The orchestration really stands out; though you use more than one library, it all blends superbly. Bravo!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    I checked out your site. The games look like shareware to me but your music sounds quite professional. I hope you don't go hungry too much longer.


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    Re: Legend Of The Wilds

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Dillard
    All in all it is very time consuming and pretty frustrating......
    time consumpting -> yes, welcome to the club...but isn't this result it worth? your song is really well done, nicely put together and excellent realized! and don't dream too much of the high-end library which will do all the work for you. intense work on the dynamics you'll also have to do with these expensive libraries in order to get convincing results...


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