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Topic: 9-11

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    I am mentally drained after watching a documentary about 9/11...

    So Sad.

    God bless all those who are still in pain.

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    Re: 9-11

    ...and prayers for all who work (or have worked) to hopefully prevent it from ever happening again, whether or not they have made any mistakes along the way. My God bless them all, keep them and their families safe, give them perfect peace, and extra strength and wisdom for these trying times, and guidance for their path.

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    Re: 9-11

    May God bless all those who have suffered so much, and all those who are protecting us now.
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    Re: 9-11

    It will always be a sad reminder how evil, evil can be.

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    Re: 9-11

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx

    It will always be a sad reminder how evil, evil can be.
    And likewise, a reminder of the extraordinary courage and
    self-sacrifice of so many who rushed to bring aid without a
    moment of hesitation -- at the risk and loss of their own lives.

    May our thoughts and prayers be with them all.


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    Re: 9-11

    yes - there has been so much suffering and pain... I can not even watch anything about that day, or I lose it emotionally. I live just outside NYC and have to go into the city occasionally. I still have never been to ground zero - maybe someday...
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