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Topic: How to make Breath noises?

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    How to make Breath noises?

    Dear All,

    I just bought the JABB library a few weeks ago to use with Finale 2006. Through the manual, I could add some expression such as Air Flow Noise and Key Click noise, but I cannot make the Breath noises. The manual explain very shortly that is has "samples of the player taking a breath" and wrote that "there are a variety of breath types mapped to the top two octaves of the keyboard." I cannot figure out what cc number or keyboard note that I can create and how to create the Breath noise. Tom or anyone out there, may you please give some explaination on this?

    Thank in advance for your kind advice.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: How to make Breath noises?

    If you are using a five octave synth type keyboard rather than an 88 note piano keyboard you may find that the breaths are off the top of the keyboard. I use Logic not Finale so I may have misinterpreted the problem, but if that is the case I'd just transpose up a couple of octaves to access the samples.
    Alternatively keep a microphone in constant record mode while you huff and puff trying to sort it out yourself...

    Good luck..

    Barrie B

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    Re: How to make Breath noises?

    First, make sure you have the latest version of JABB. The breath sounds are velocity controlled in the latest version. Below is a screenshot showing the location of the breath sounds for a clarinet. Notice that the display has been shifted to the +5 octave setting (lower left corner.) The blue keys at the top of the keyboard are the breath sounds.



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    Re: How to make Breath noises?

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you very much for your kind advice. Now I can make the breath noise. With 15ma on top of that note with the Sol Clef staff, I can have access to the noise.

    By the way, now I try to make the shake according to your MIDI template. It seems not much success with Finale, but it works better with Cakewalk. The Cakewalk works well with using control but not so good with notation page layout. The last note of shaking sound cannot stop with Finale 2006, but it is Ok with Cakewalk. So I try to read more carefully the Shaking manual you posted in this forum.

    Best Regards,

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