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Topic: Piano Sonate 1

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    Piano Sonate 1

    I uploaded two version of the same Piano Sonata.
    One made with GPO Steinway and the other done with The Grand.
    Now you know why I need the real Steinway, more dynamics, better nuances, etc.......

    Today I wish all Americans all the strength they need, love and understanding for each other and God's blessings.


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    Re: Piano Sonate 1

    Fine job on the Sonate, Raymond, most enjoyable.

    I'll grant the GPO has real shortcomings, and I certainly can't wait,
    myself, for the new Garritan Steinway! But strictly for sound, the
    GPO Steinway still sounds closest to the Steiny Dee's I've been
    sitting behind for the last forty years.

    My best,


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