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Topic: Stylus RMX + Cubase sx 3 timing

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    Stylus RMX + Cubase sx 3 timing

    Hi there,

    I got an odd situation in my cubase projects:

    Stylus rmx won't groove with other drum vst-s, such as plugsound from USB or the lm 7. It seems that RMX runs a litlle faster/tighter then all the other drums. How is this possible and even more important, what can be done to correct this?

    with regards,


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    Re: Stylus RMX + Cubase sx 3 timing

    If RMX runs a bit faster and tighter, perhaps Stylus is simply a better product and the others are not keeping time as well.

    On the other hand, if you are dragging Midi clips from Stylus and then copying and pasting them once - and then just copying and pasting all you dragged in one shot to fill the space you need (timewise) - I have noticed that Stylus RMX will lose sync - just like losing video and audio sync in long digitization runs. In this case, you have to copy and paste in small increments - it's boring and annoying, but it works. I should add that I use Sonar 5 Producer Edition and not Cubase.


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    Re: Stylus RMX + Cubase sx 3 timing

    I would try to find out, if the MIDI files of the units look different and which unit produces the difference. When creating MIDI files (by drag and drop from RMX and just recording from the other plugins) you can compare them visually using the MIDI inspector. There you can see if the hits are exactly on the same (right) beat or not. It gives a hint where to look for the mistake. If the MIDI files keep the beat, there must be something wrong with MIDI sound setup of the unit, that sounds out of time.


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