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Topic: Fishy Quartet - Scherzo and Trio

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    Fishy Quartet - Scherzo and Trio

    Hi All,

    Here is a scherzo and trio I did a month ago. I put it together with Sibelius and then used it as an experiment in exporting from Sibelius as a midi file tarting it up in Cubase with GPO.
    I'm fairly pleased with the results and it certainly brought the piece to life a little more than the GPO playback in Sibelius did IMHO. Do other people go through similar processes to get a more realistic sound?

    Anyway enjoy....

    Fishy Quartet - Scherzo and Trio


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    Re: Fishy Quartet - Scherzo and Trio

    I use Overture which doesn't normally require any post processing as this notation software is more geared to good playback possibilities than Sibelius (some find Finale's human playback useful as well). Ideally you also need full VST support as in Overture so you are not limited to just using GPO and can supplement with other libraries where required.

    Enjoyed the piece by the way even if I thought the first movement was a bit more inspired and adventurous! perhaps the trio and scherzo to me were not sufficiently contrasted.

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    Re: Fishy Quartet - Scherzo and Trio

    Beautiful job on this, Tom -- both the excellent
    writing and the rendering.


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