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Topic: Resident Evil 4 soundtrack (and Korn too)

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    Resident Evil 4 soundtrack (and Korn too)

    Hi all,
    Recently completed RE4 for the fourth or fifth time, love that game!
    When meeting the merchant, there's a really cool sounding "song" that I'm particulary interested in how to recreate the sounds in it. It's a weird, reversed sound that is kinda creepy. Korn also used this sample on their latest album "See you on the other side" (I think the song is Open Up)

    Does anyone know where to find this patch, or sample or whatever it is?


    UPDATE: The RE4 song is called Serenity and can be found at: http://downloads.evilunleashed.com/m...20Serenity.mp3
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    Re: Resident Evil 4 soundtrack (and Korn too)

    That is probably an illegal download, but the Biohazard Collection (soundtracks for all the RE games) wasn't released here in the US, so the tunes are VERY hard to come by.

    I'm a big fan of this soundtrack, too. I really like Serenity and Infiltration.

    I reckon the Serenity tune used quite a bit of post processing - things like vibrato and tremelo. This tune sounds a LOT like stuff from Boards of Canada, so maybe check out Google for some production tricks they use.

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 soundtrack (and Korn too)

    One of my favorite games of all time, hands-down. So good I didn't even mind the 'protect Britney' part (and I hatehatehate protecting characters in games, they're always too stupid).

    Here's what I hear listening in headphones (all notes off of Gmaj scale to make it simple):

    1) flute w/medium reverb, panned left, looped (b3...2-b7...5...4-2-b3...)
    2) brighter flute w/<1 sec long delay into bigger reverb, longer attack (b7...5...b3(bent)...1-b7...b7-b3-b7(like an irish whistle)... long wait... b7...b6...b7...2(long hold)

    flute loop 2 is twice as long as flute loop 1, so it generates different harmonies/dissonances each time, entire piece loops at :39

    3) drone(s?) - there's definitely a low G drone, possibly detuned against another so it goes out of phase sometimes, as it goes across the null

    4) square wave, mono, notes swooping up and down (1-5-1...b3-5-2...b3-b7-b3...b3-b7-2...longwait...5...) but they're in the same low register, so I'm not sure. This part sounds like it has a pre-reverse (lookahead) delay on it possibly

    drone and square wave are the same length as flute loop 1, so they repeat 4 times

    I don't hear any other real 'reversed' sound, just the flute notes coming in slowly, which give that impression. Possibly there's some reverse-delay, too (as if some of the notes come in 'before' they really play, it's hard to tell). I think the real key is how flute loop 2 interacts with the other parts, as it's twice as long.

    Just my guess, any other ideas?


    ps Korn sucks, they need stuff like this to look cool

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