I've just realised I made a cock-up when I installed Gigastudio. I came to use Gigapulse today, and was told there was no content loaded, therefore the plugin couldn't load. It suggested I could install the content from the GS install disc.

When I installed GS I unchecked the 'install content' button, because included sample content is generally crap, and I didn't want to waste harddrive space on it. I didn't realise this also prevented Gigapulse content installing.

So I put the disc in, pressed on the 'install Gigacontent' button, and was greeted by a message saying that my system already had a Beta Version of GS3 installed, and I would have to uninstall it before installing the full version.

I don't understand. Firstly I definitely have the full version installed already. Secondly I don't understand why the disc is trying to install the whole of GS, when a separate 'install content' button is provided.

Does anyone know if there is a manual way of intstalling the Gigapulse content. Is it just a case of copying some impulse files to a folder somewhere, or does the installer make registry entries as well?

Please help if you can.