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Topic: keyboard...

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    hey everyone, been a long time since i last posted.

    I plan to switch from using finale with gpo to sonar using gpo and i have a couple of questions. I have an old synthesizer but would like to get a new one with a mod wheel and pedal. where on the net can I find one that's at a decent price because my pockets aren't very deep. I would also like to know how easy it is to get Sonar sequencers to use GPO and if not, what sequencer would be easiest to use with gpo. I would also like to know how i can get the gpo sounds to play through my keyboard while i record. If i sound like I don't know what the heck i'm talking about at all i'm very sorry, not very good with posting on forums heh.

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    Re: keyboard...

    I don't have a keyboard to recommend, but I'm sure others will.

    Sonar is pretty easy to use with GPO, as long as you understand how sequencers work in general. I highly recommend it. It's certainly one of the most powerful audio applications available on PC.

    The GPO sounds will not play through your keyboard. You will need a good sound card and a pair of speakers for that.
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    Re: keyboard...

    M-Audio has a wide range of affordable MIDI controller keyboards.


    You can check prices at musiciansfriend.com.

    If you are going to be using Garritan instruments, playing a keyboard into a sequencer, you are probably going to want a 76-key or 88-key controller so you can use the key switching in the lower octave and play the instrument sounds in the upper octaves.
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    Re: keyboard...

    To backup Skysaw: Sonar is very good to use with GPO. That would be the way to go! But it is not cheap. In my consideration, all other sequencers are second choice.


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    Re: keyboard...

    alright great, thanks guys. What sound card would everyone recommend? Like any kind of soundblaster?

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    Re: keyboard...

    I'm not a fan of Soundblaster's line, but they could be a good place to start if you want to get in for less money.
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    Re: keyboard...

    here are the links to what i'm looking to get. In case you would like to see where i stand.


    ^Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 4


    ^sustain pedal


    ^Keyboard. Sorry bout the long links, I don't know how to do the hyperlink feature.

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    Re: keyboard...

    Keyboard recommendation: Yamaha PSR 2000 (or if you have the bucks: PSR 3000) - You'll love the vocoder and midi controller is fabulous. I aloso recommend the M-Audio Midi-sport UNO.

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    Re: keyboard...

    so would you say that the one i mentioned above is no good?

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    Re: keyboard...

    I traded in my 76 key, Yamaha V-50 for the M-Audio 88 keystation and have never looked back. I really love it, but I like the reaction of the keys. However, I have seen quite a few posts that recommend a non-weighted keyboard. So, your keyboard choice is very personal and although you are trying to being money conscious, you don't want to regret choosing the tool that you will rely on most.

    Also, even though I am using DP as my sequencer now, I really thought that Cubase was a comparable program. It has been awhile since I have used Cakewalk and Sonar, but I preferred the capabilities of Cubase. However, it is not as user friendly (IMHO - please don't berate me on this), but I felt that some of the features were a bit buried and really took some digging to use.

    Anyways, I probably didn't help you make your decision. I am only one in a million and sometimes a consensus doesn't matter. If you have access to a music store, go and test drive! It is fun, besides being educational. None of your selections that you are looking into are wrong. It is a personal decision and what you can do at the time. Remember, you can always trade up because it will be on sale next year or sooner (to many of our chagrin!)


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