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Topic: Which soundcard for notebook?

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    Which soundcard for notebook?

    I would like to start using my notebook for some music production. I use Sonar, Finale and GPO. The notebook is a Pentium 4, 3.0 Ghz, with 2 GB RAm and 80 GB hard drive.

    The only notebook soundcard I find is the Creative Labs Audigy 2. Is that an acceptable sound card? Would some sort of module connected via USB be a better solution or would there be more latency issues with a USB connection.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and help!
    Paul McGraw

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    Re: Which soundcard for notebook?

    If you're serious about music creation don't go Creative!
    Have a look here: http://m-audio.com/index.php?do=prod...bileinterfaces.

    If the price tag isn't an issue you'll find better solutions; as for the performance/price ratio M-Audio rulz!

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    Re: Which soundcard for notebook?

    Sorry, I am confusled. Please forgive my computer ignorance. I thought you needed some sort of sound card inside the computer in order for the software synths to work and make sounds.

    Will GPO, Sound Canvas, and other software based sound sources work with no sound card at all? Do I really not need any soundcard at all? I can just hook up an I/O device to a USB port for bringing in MIDI and live recording and that is all I need?

    Sorry for my ignaorance. Please explain.
    Paul McGraw

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    Re: Which soundcard for notebook?

    In the interest of my new laptop bought for audio (great processor and memory, but unknowingly horrible sound system)


    If anyone could give a little more info on these external soundcards (how they work, what parts of the audio signal they work, if they handle multiple sample rates, if they work in post-production, if they have midi drivers and give some on-board synth OUTPUT) I'd be grateful. My new laptop came with an unexpectedly crummy audio setup (One very noisy in, one out) and a far worse midi setup (microsoft midi mapper, which my audio apps won't recognize). To kill the poor machine it has one of the new fangled "expresscard" ports instead of the PCMCIA cardbus, and I'm totally unaware of any expresscard audio cards on the market.


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