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Topic: African Chants : Best Libraries?

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    African Chants : Best Libraries?

    Hi all, first post on this board though I've been lurking for many moons.

    Anyway, at the moment I'm looking for a good collection of African chants for some tracks I'm currently working on. So far I have highlighted a couple of Spectrasonics products: "Heart Of Africa 2" and "Vocal Planet" as perhaps my best options.

    I'm curious firstly if anyone would be able to tell me which of the two (HOA2 or Vocal Planet) would be the better option?

    Secondly if anyone had other suggestions for any other good sample libraries for African Chants then i'd be eager to hear them.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: African Chants : Best Libraries?

    To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any African chanting on Vocal planet, at least not in groups. I have heard some on Heart Of Africa 2 however, and if you're looking for group chants, that would be your best bet.
    I have a private library of Maasai chants I recorded several years ago. PM me if you're in need of something that I might be able to help out with.

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    Re: African Chants : Best Libraries?

    Thanks for the reply Tim. Regarding Vocal Planet, I had managed to find a listing of all the contents of the CD-Rom and it suggested there was at least some, although admittedly only a small handful. (http://www.ilio.com/spectrasonics/vo...i_cdrom_5.html)

    Does Heart Of Africa 2 have a reasonably broad range of chants? I know that vocals is not the entire focus of that sample library so I'm a bit worried that the chant section might be quite small.

    ...Meanwhile I have also just discovered another CD called 'Voices Of Africa'. This is from the Creative Essentials series and is extremely cheap (always a plus point!) so I'm going to buy that first off and see how I get on.

    If I don't have any joy I might well get in touch with you about your private library, thanks a lot for the offer

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