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Topic: GPO/1.47ghz processor?

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    GPO/1.47ghz processor?

    How many GPO instruments will will a 1.47 processor allow me run at one time or will it not work at all? (I have 2 gigs of ram)
    I have read the the minimum requirements for GPO and at this point in time plan on using no more than 10 inst at one time, mostly strings as background for various projects.

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    Re: GPO/1.47ghz processor?


    is it a centrino? I am doing quite fine with a 1.70 GHz centrino which should be equivalent to a 3 GHz P4.

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    Re: GPO/1.47ghz processor?

    The processor speed will affect your latency, but shouldn't affect the number of instances you can run. That is usually directly connected to your RAM. 2 Gigs should give you up to a full large orchestra, depending on what application you're running things in.
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