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Topic: Which soundcard sub £400? USB2, PCI or firewire?

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    Which soundcard sub £400? USB2, PCI or firewire?


    I'm currently looking to replace my now deceased M-Audio Delta 1010 which I've had for 6 years. I'm not sure whether to buy another one or if the A/D D/A converters on a newer interface would be much better? I basically need an 8in 8out, Midi I/O interface and am not bothered by having preamps but ADAT might be useful but not essential. I've heard good things about the Echo Layla 3G, Presonus Firepod and MOTU 828mk2 USB. I've read the the Layla has the highest Dynamic range. How do these interfaces compare to the 1010 and which would you recommend? Would the MOTU 828mk2 USB2 be reliable? I have a PC and not mac.

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    Re: Which soundcard sub £400? USB2, PCI or firewire?

    Hi. After a lot of research I've decided to go for the Echo Layla 3G and have put the let over money towards the SPL Goldmike. Managed to buy both of them for a little over £500. Will let you know how I get on!!

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