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Topic: Rdeuction to short score in Overture

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    Rdeuction to short score in Overture

    Apologies if this is well known or posted elsewhere but I couldn't spot it on the forum so ...

    I found a very useful way to reduce an orchestral score to a "short score" on treble and bass clefs only in Overture.

    1. I added staves for the treble and bass clef and these would become my short score.
    2. For each instrument playing in the treble clef I ...
    3. moved the short score treble stave next to the stave for the instrument by dragging the stave number up or down in the Tracks Window
    4. highlighted all the notes on the instrument score by double-clicking at the right of the stave
    5. used Notes | Move to Previous or Next stave to move the notes from the instrumental stave onto the short score stave. (Do not confuse these commands with the "Display on Previous/Next staff" commands). All notes appear to move into voice 1 on the short score stave even if they're a mix of voices on the instrumental stave
    6. deleted the now empty instrumental stave
    7. I similarly moved all Bass Clef instrumental notes onto the short score bass stave and deleted the empty instrumental staves
    8. I moved alto, tenor etc staves onto whichever of the treble or bass short score staves appeared to accommodate them with fewest ledger lines
    9. I left untuned percussion tracks on the score.
    10. As I now had duplicated notes on the two short score staves where two instruments played the same note at the same pitch and with the same duration, I highlighted all notes on the short score treble stave and used Notes | Delete | Duplicate Notes to remove all duplicated notes
    11. I did the same with the short score bass stave.

    I now had an orchestral score reduced to just two pitched staves and untuned percussion staves and found this much easier to use when studying harmony, leaving the full orchestral score for study of instrumentation.

    I suspect some scores using alto or tenor clefs might generate a lot of ledger lines between the two staves this way but also suspect I could highlight such notes and use Notes | Display on Previous or Next Staff to have these moved onto the more appropriate stave.

    I also did all this with instrument transpositions switched off in Options | Show | Tracks Transposed though I presume this shouldn't matter. (But be careful in case it does).

    I removed all pitched instruments from my GPO studio profile and added a piano. After assigning the two short score staves to the piano in the Tracks Window I could also play the short score too.

    While there is a little manual effort involved in producing this reduction the resultant score is proving well worthwhile.

    Does anyone know of a quicker way of producing such a short score?

    Now if Overture would just allow me to mark out regions in one or more keys, analyse the short score (or even an orchestral score) and add chord analysis to it I'd be able to save even more work. Does anyone know of software that does such a thing?

    Hoping this is helpful.


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    Re: Rdeuction to short score in Overture

    That's a neat shortcut you found! Any know if something similar can be done in Sibelius 3?
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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