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Topic: GPO Studio total silence

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    GPO Studio total silence

    .. and sometimes wanted (for a change) but not now.

    Short story:

    Notation program outputs playback to Hurchalla Maple Port MidiOut(x) 12
    MidiOX set to accept as input Hurchalla Maple Port MidiIn(x) 12
    MidiOx output to GPO Studio instance 1
    All properties set to only accept info for channel 12
    GPO Studio Instance 1 loaded first instrument to accept for input on ch. 12

    I press the playback button in the notation program and total silence.

    MidiOX input monitoring says it accepts/gets messages on named input port and input channel ( I see all the notes passing by - note on/note off)
    MidiOX output monitoring says it processes signals note on/off for the same channel (directed to the GPO Studio 1).

    And still total silence, ModWheel in player set a bit higher, pressing the keys gives me the sound, so what am I missing here? All signals go to Studio Instance of KP 1 but .... no action.


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    Re: GPO Studio total silence


    it looks as if you should add a starting modwheel value to your track that is different from zero. Maybe that helps.

    If not, the way would be to test the chain step by step.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: GPO Studio total silence

    Stop the presses!! Stop looking for an answer. Stupid me.......

    Garritan KP studio only accepts input from port1, port2, port 3 etc... until all instances (max. 8) have their own port (when your computersystem can handle all eight). So no input from port 12 as it doesn't go beyond 8.

    Raymond - sometimes I need an extra lightbulb in my head........

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