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Topic: New With GPO

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    New With GPO

    Hello Forum,

    Just got GPO yesterday 9/14/06. Using Logic and opened well as AU. Nothing to report as far as the way it functions yet as being anything abnormal or not working. My question is: I'm very much into the string arranging of Claus Ogerman, Don Sebesky, even Jimmy Webb's string arranging all the classic jazz/pop arrangers. Suggestion for the sounds (strings-solo or section) to use to reproduce these types of string arrangements? I know this is a very broad question, just hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a lot of older arrangements that I would like to edit into PO string sounds. So.......looking forward to using the program. Awesome! Tim Jennens

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    Re: New With GPO

    Welcome to the family!
    There is a list of tutorials on the Garritan home page. Here's a link to ensemble building for strings that may help.
    Or, you can scan the tutorials and decide for yourself.

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    Re: New With GPO

    Hi Tim,

    I saw your mention of Claus Ogerman and immediately brought SYMBIOSIS. He did that with Bill Evans. My favorite album.CD ever! While I don't have any specific answers to your question, I suggest starting out small. Work on something simple, and learn GPO just as you would learn a musical instrument. Experiment with all of the controllers, try the ensemble building, just did in and get your feet wet. Have fun.


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    Re: New With GPO

    Tim Jennens, may I suggest this help from one of GPO's helpful users.


    Thank you Tim Hill,

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    Re: New With GPO


    welcome to the forum. If there is ever a question don't hesitate to ask. There are quite some specialists for strings around here.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: New With GPO

    Welcome aboard,Tim!

    Just a side comment, but I found it helpful when I first
    got GPO to spend several hours simply reviewing and
    exercising each and every instrument... so I had some
    feel for what each could do.



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