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Topic: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

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    Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris


    The Northern records propose that I make my first post by saying hello. And thus this is what I'm doing right now.

    My name is Nikolas Sideris, and I'm a composer. I have a diploma in piano, Harmony, counterpoint and fugue from Greece, a Masters in Music from the UK and right now I'm doing my second year in my PhD in composition. (Pef... That's done)

    I love computer games and I'm working on making music and sound fx for some of them. I would also love to do animations, but somehow I don't really really fancy doing films, not that I would say no if Spielberg was to approach me or anything (not likely )

    Anyway if you want to listen to some of my music (please do ) my site is:
    www.nikolas-sideris.com (also shamelessly pluged in my signature )

    We may have met with some of you in other forums, I'm sure...

    Anyway hi everybody!

    One last thing: I'm an overposter (post too much...) hope you won't mind, hehe.


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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    anyone who has a song called "my ~~~~ing life" is ok by me!! welcome. Nice website. I'd say you should consider film. You have a great sound with great production value. ANd all those letters after your name oughta get you somewhere!

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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    Thank you metrobot, for your kind words.

    Indeed... The violin duet is the shocking part of my site

    Before I move on, just let me clarify that in the samples sections there are two different departments, the classical and the commercial, so that noone will miss half the samples (should the choose to listen that is...)

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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    Yay, I would like to say "welcome to the forums Nikolas", but I'm not exactly a regular poster here by any means, just yet another forum lurker.

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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    Chief, we meet again.

    Great to have you here. Nikolas is a very talented and informed musician/composer.

    Sean Beeson
    Composer for videogames, film and television

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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    Welcome to the forum, Nicolas.
    Nice site... especially like the duet.

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    Re: Hi! I'm new here! Nikolas Sideris

    Thanks for the welcoming guys!

    The duet is a succees I see.

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