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Topic: MAC/PC Audio Network - should I give up hope?

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    MAC/PC Audio Network - should I give up hope?

    Hi guys, i've finally did it and got myself a mac (been wanting to do that for years and couldn't afford it). It's not that fancy, it's a Macbook (not Pro) with 1 GB but I assumed it would be like that -
    Running Logic Express (after buying the mac you wouldn't expect me to be able to afford Logic Pro wouldn't you?!) on my Macbook (ofcourse) and loading all of my samples and VSTis from my PC (2 actually but i'm having too much trouble getting it done with just one).

    Now, since I've started giving up on Cubase long ago I really didn't want to use it again, specially since I have logic, so I decided to go with V-Stack and transmit the MIDI via MIDI Over LAN, it all worked fine and with no latency at all (not that I could hear anyway) problem began when I started using WormHole 2. I could transmit the audio through the network via WormHole 2 but had so much clicks and "pops" all the time that I couldn't bounce it. Tried to do an offline bouncing and didn't get anything since it requiers a "non-stop" transmission of Audio, after trying and trying I just lost it and decided there has to be a better way, I mean, I'm not the first and certainly not the last he tries to do it and lots of studios do it, why can't I?
    So guys, i'm asking for your help here, I realy need it since I have a project due to next week, what are my options in creating this network and making it work? that would be as fast and easy as possible ofcourse, there has to be a better way then wiring the I/O of both computers and record each track to logic in every project right?

    Thanks alot mates,
    Yoav Efron
    Studio Distorted Harmony
    Yoav Efron

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    Re: MAC/PC Audio Network - should I give up hope?

    sorry about that, forgot to remove the signature.


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    Re: MAC/PC Audio Network - should I give up hope?

    I would guess that in most professional studio setups, each computer on the network has its own dedicated audio interface - probably something with ADAT lightpipe I/O - and everything is then routed to a central recording station.

    In your case, if you want to continue to try to use WormHole, you'll have to make sure you're using Gigabit Ethernet - which means you'll need CAT6 cables, a router/switch/hub that supports 1000bT and all your NICs will also need to support it.

    The first option is the best, but you haven't really indicated how much you're willing to spend. If the answer is "not much", you can look in to option 2, which will likely require a lot more setup and testing than if you go with option 3, which is simply wiring the already-existing audio I/O from each computer to the MacBook.

    Note of warning for the future: do not invest in new technology or systems when you're nearing a deadline.

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