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Topic: Cymbal Patch Error?

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    Cymbal Patch Error?

    Hello Once Again!

    I have noticed that in the "Basic Orch. Percussion" patch the cymbal roll on A5 rings after release, but the cymbal roll on A5 in the "Cymbals" patch behaves exactly like the G#5 key - it cuts off with no ring on release. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

    As always - all help appreciated!

    Reber Clark

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    Re: Cymbal Patch Error?

    Give this person a cigar! It *is* a patch error. I'll put it on the list to be fixed on the next update. Thanks for finding it.


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    Re: Cymbal Patch Error?

    Always happy to help. Send all cigars, wine, whiskey, free upgrades, and any similarly character-building items to me care of any delivery system whatsoever.
    - Reber Clark

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