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Topic: That "IRQL" thing, and EW.sys etc.,

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    That "IRQL" thing, and EW.sys etc.,

    The "IRQL-not less etc., and also the EW.sys errors, have been hitting me at random for about two months. I have had my computer with a tech on his test bench for three days, and he says he has run everything he knows of, and the machine is running fine .... in his opinion it is definitely software !!
    Now it appears I may have stumbled upon the solution to my situation.
    As luck would have it I backed up my default gig loads some months back and today I came across a repeatable EW.sys error in the same place of one of my sequenced songs. I have isolated the error (by soloing each track) and it turns out to be the Bass gig file. Then had a look at my backed up file, which turned out to be 7 bytes larger. I replaced the file, and immediately the program (GS3.12) performed perfectly.
    I have been trying to screw it up for the last four hours (previous to this the crash was happening within minutes of playing any sequence and that bass file is in just about everything) anyway the damn thing is still working perfectly.....
    May I suggest that anyone with this error should play any suspect sequences repeatedly, soloing each track, until it turns to rubbish.....
    The file you are using may well be one of, or even the main culprit.
    Time will tell if I have this right, and will update any further crash
    Works for me .....

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    Re: That "IRQL" thing, and EW.sys etc.,

    This worked for me too. Thanks!!

    Don't know why the file got corrupted in the first place.... and why the file size change?


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