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Topic: New question. Dual booting GS3

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    New question. Dual booting GS3

    Since i have some VST plugins that GS hates and crashes on loading. I've decided to do a dual boot. One partition for DAW work, one for GSE.

    What is the bes way to go about this and configuring it. I have partition magic 8.


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    Re: New question. Dual booting GS3

    PMagic allows you to create a new partition and then choose to Install OS
    on that part.

    What this does is it creates the partition and on the next reboot it sets it to the active partition so that it will boot to that empty partition.

    Create the part. Set it to be active. Reboot with your OS CD in the drive.
    Make sure you choose to install on the correct partition.

    As soon as you can, install Boot Magic ( it should be on the PM CD )
    and use it or PQBoot as your boot manager.
    Either of those are much slicker than XPs boot manager.

    ...and ... I deally ... make sure you've backed everything up before you begin.

    You might want to install Boot Magic on the first OS before you do any of this
    and then use the boot magic rescue Floppy to turn it on after you install the second OS.

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    Re: New question. Dual booting GS3

    You know how violently some people complain about Giga?

    That's nothing compared to what I have to say about PartitionMagic.

    Rather than boring you with the details of the bizarre booting-loop that PM left my computer stuck irretrievably in.............

    I'll just point out that I actually partitioned my hard drive, easily and quickly, within Windows:

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management

    The next major point to consider is how to properly configure your "boot.ini" file. I would suggest searching through the archives here, the Microsoft Knowledgebase, and Google-in-general regarding the correct syntax for your system's boot.ini file. That is one of those files that you really don't want to screw around with unless you know what you're doing.

    Good luck!!
    — alanb




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    Re: New question. Dual booting GS3

    Right, thanks guys!

    See, after i wiped, i tried to restore my giga license. Now as a result, this, according tto the yellow sheet, has made my giga unregisterable until windows wipe.

    i am NOT wiping windows again for the sake of gigastudio, so would a dualboot on a different partition (same HD) solve the problem?

    It would fix my VST problems, right enough but would it fix my registering problem.

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