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Topic: GOS AKAI compatibility issue

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    GOS AKAI compatibility issue

    Hi! Since the old GOS thread is dead I figured it might be better idea to search for an answer here.
    Anyone uses Garritan Orchestral Strings AKAI version? I am in the market for one of those. Which AKAI format it is exactly? Will it be 100% compatible (samples & programs) with my MPC4000?


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    Re: GOS AKAI compatibility issue


    GOS Akai and Kurzweil was discontinued several years ago. I believe the format was for the Akai S3000. I'm not sure if anyone is still stocks it but you may be able to find a copy on eBay.

    GOS 2 will be out later this year but will not run on AKAI.

    Gary Garritan

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