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Topic: Logic Multi Environment

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    Logic Multi Environment


    Very new, 2 days. Having trouble figuring out the multi instrument environment in Logic Pro 7.1.2. Would any GPO person out there be willing to share and environment with me so I can get going in the right direction with GPO? I sat for about 45 minutes yesterday and could not figure it out. I know I need this to make the Kontact player function right in Logic. My e-mail is mtjkeys@aol.com. Just attach it and I could copy the environment into one of my templates I already have. Thank you. Tim Jennens

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    Re: Logic Multi Environment

    It doesn't use GPO, but you might find this multi-channel instrument template helpful. Note its multi-CHANNEL, not just a multi instrument. This allows for individual effects processing of each instrument.


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    Re: Logic Multi Environment

    I went to the URL you gave me, but I guess I'm not a member of that group. Couldn't find the specific one you eluded to. Do you have the environment you could attach to an E-mail and send me? I would reallly appreciate it. Tim

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