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Topic: Good to be back! new ones from me

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    Good to be back! new ones from me

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since i've posted anything. I was busy and didn't have much time to write but now I'm back in full swing. Recently I did a main theme for a film called Smugglers Ransom which is now in post production (SmugglersRansom.com).

    But anyway here's a few new originals that I have been working away at:


    The way

    Final of Smugglers Ransom Theme

    And here's something I did for fun - I took an old piece and tried out the melody with an electric guitar. kinda slow, but i like it I think.

    The line

    By the way, look me up on IMDB.com - there's only 1 IMDB credit there at the moment but watch the list grow!!



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    Re: Good to be back! new ones from me


    Really excellent writing. I especially liked the Final Theme the best...really driven and full of the suspense expected of such a movie. Nice orchestration and rendering.



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    Re: Good to be back! new ones from me

    Well it's about time you showed up. That's the last time
    I loan you my pick-up truck, Chris, I'm tellin' ya...

    Fall...beautiful scene-setting and mood in this, Chris.
    I hope you'll take it forward.

    The Way... just stunning opening on this; and the
    string work is superb. This one really left me wanting
    more, though: don't stop now.

    Smuggler's Ransom (Finale)... good work on this; but I'd
    love to hear the full deal in context.

    The Line... like this -- though I think I would have went
    for more blend with the strings early in, the juxtaposition
    of modern sounds with more tradtional orchestration can
    be a very rich vein.


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    Re: Good to be back! new ones from me

    Wow, great production values and orchestration. Your skills are remarkable, and for someone 17 years old they are incredible! Thanks for sharing your music. I can't imagine how good you will be by the time you are 47!
    Paul McGraw

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    Re: Good to be back! new ones from me

    The most joy I had was with the Finale.... it is really a movie track. I am sure I still have a long way to go before I can make such effects. And about his age... when he is 47..... then I am 92.... and hope to hear from him. Definitely with some other computersystems... complete libraries in ROM.. etc.


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    Re: Good to be back! new ones from me


    All your strings belong to me!

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