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Topic: Pepperoni

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    some of you asked for more pepper. Here it is:


    Composed with Mozart Virtuoso (notation program)
    Mastered with Cubasis 5.0 and The Grand 2 Model 1
    Audio edited with Audition 2.0 (minor equalizing and full reverb)

    Have fun and don't take too much in go, bad for your stomach
    [more than 1 page of music in a special spicy folder]


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    Re: Pepperoni

    Undoubtedly, I will never again see pepperoni
    pizza with quite the same unchallenged eyes.

    I also had no idea it came in so many flavors.

    May I have a Pepperoni No. 2 to go, please?
    Most definitely my favorite! Er, well, ahem;
    perhaps a No. 5 on the side; but don't tell
    the wife on me, now...


    Mama Mia, that'sa one-a spicy... etc.

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