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Topic: about GS3 quicksound

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    Question about GS3 quicksound

    finally got my GS3 installed.
    after several days of testing i found the quicksound system seems to be different from GS2.5.
    it seems that GS3 always do a "search" to locate any folder,which takes some loading time.and i can no longer leave the search field empty and browse folders manually to locate the instruments i wanted just like i did in previous version (GS2.5).
    i'm not sure if there was something wrong or else did i miss something since i'm new to GS3...
    any suggestions?

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    Re: about GS3 quicksound

    Don't know about the former version. This is my first. Just scroll down and select the type of file, i.e. *.gig and all those will appear. gsp for performance files and so on. I believe I can still highlight the drive and it'll show some. That's for a manual search. Have fun.

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