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Topic: SAGE X-pander bonus stuff...

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    SAGE X-pander bonus stuff...

    Quick question, I picked up the Backbeat X-pander (which absoutely rules!) and am enjoying some of the bonus stuff. Admittedly, it might take a bit of a unique project to really put a lot of the beatbox stuff to use, but nice to have nonetheless.

    Anyways, my question is this...do each of the X-panders which have the bonus material feature *different* bonus material than the other, or is it all the same? Just curious, as if different it could certainly end up accumulating to be quite a library within itself. If not, it could be nice for some cross-marketing for the other ex-panders. Now, which x-pander to get next!

    Thanks for any and all help!

    Best! -Tweed (Scott)

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    Re: SAGE X-pander bonus stuff...

    each Spectrasonics Xpander has the same Bonus Section.
    The Illio ones have a different one but again its the same for each of their titles.
    If you like Backbeat you will also dig Retro Funk and Liquid Grooves.

    If you dig the tonal elements in the bonus Section i can recommend the ninevoltaudiostuff.
    They have great guitarloops and i recently bought the new Stylin Basslines which is a lot of fun to use with RMX too.


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    Re: SAGE X-pander bonus stuff...

    I agree, the 9volt audio stuff is great...

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    Re: SAGE X-pander bonus stuff...

    Hey guys, thanks for the great feedback! I hadn't yet considered looking too much at other developers being so new into this. However, you have me excited to check out the ninevolt stuff...thanks again for the help and recommendations! Awesome!

    Best! -Tweed

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