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Topic: Midi Over Lan? (Mac & PC)

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    Midi Over Lan? (Mac & PC)

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have the latest version of MOL (from Music Lab) working with Mac and PC?

    I'm trying to set this up and have several questions!

    I really need a step-by-step procedure for the correct settigs on the mac (eg the settings in the Mac System Prefs etc). The PCs appear to see each other in the MOL control panel, but I don't know how to get the Mac to show up. Also the PCs do not show up on the Mac MOL control panel. I'm guessing they are going to need to before they can possibly show up in Audio Midi set up for DP.

    Because tech support is via emai, it's very very slow.

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    Re: Midi Over Lan? (Mac & PC)

    call jesse.

    danny has his number.

    he will make everything better


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