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Topic: A Waltz for orchestra.

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    A Waltz for orchestra.

    Hello, this my first post here. Hope you enjoy some music from Sweden.



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    Re: A Waltz for orchestra.


    welcome to this forum.

    This is a good start. Maybe you could try to inherit some more legatos and dynamical changes in the strings.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: A Waltz for orchestra.

    Hi Jonte!

    Welcome to the forum! I like some of the orchestration you have with this theme. The dissonant tensions within the strings and the slight quiet diversion from the theme in the middle are particularly effective. You need an ending on this piece, though. Give us a big climax before you calm the piece down!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!


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    Re: A Waltz for orchestra.

    Thanks for listening! I will consider your advice and work some more with the waltz.


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    Re: A Waltz for orchestra.

    A warm welcome, Jonte!

    Nice work on this. I might suggest a bit
    more attention to articulations, phrasing,
    and tempi... and the mix might be a touch
    dry (reverb).

    The writing, though, is most promising and
    lyrical -- let us hear more of this!


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    Re: A Waltz for orchestra.

    Thank you David! I am a beginner at orchestration, this forum seem to be a very good place to get better.


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