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Topic: Question about GPO Sibelius Edition

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    Question about GPO Sibelius Edition

    Hello All,

    I'm looking at finally buying GPO and have heard about the Sibelius Edition but I'm a little confused about pricing.

    Sibelius 4 Pro is $599 but Sibelius GPO is $219. Does the GPO Sibelius edition come with Sibelius or do you have to own Sibelius Pro before you buy it?

    And does the GPO version come with the complete GPO instruments (same as the $199 version I can buy from the Garritan website)? Are there any restrictions on GPO (can only be used inside Sibelius, etc.)

    Thanks for the help answering many of the questions. I've wanted to get GPO ever since I first heard of it (which unfortunatly was after I had already bought a competing library). Now I've saved up the money and want to make sure I get the right stuff
    JP Garbarini

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    Re: Question about GPO Sibelius Edition

    Sibelius 4 does not come with GPO Sibelius Edition. I, myself, use Sibelius 4, GPO, and JABB and from what I hear, GPO Sibelius Edition does not contain the full instrument set. Plus, I like having complete control and enjoy being able to use GPO outside of Sibelius too (during a stage performance for example) so I got the full version of GPO. Of course, I think it comes down to personal taste (and laziness because GPO Sibelius Edition does some of the stuff for you...)
    Colton J. Provias
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    Re: Question about GPO Sibelius Edition

    IMHO the packaged GPO Sibelius edition is a first grade ripoff (as is the horribly sounding Kontakt Gold).

    If I had the money I would suggest the following and cheaper route:

    1) Get Sibelius 4
    2) Get an original GPO
    3) Get the GPo->Sibelius crossgrade for 50US$

    That way you can use GPO in any way you want and are not limited to using it in Sibelius. Oh, and you have a great notation program available, too!
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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