From our September Newsletter, written by Joseph Hundertmark.

Works and Plays Well With Others: Recording with NOTION and other software programs

Click the link below to hear NOTION in action with other programs in Joseph Hundertmark's "Electric City":

Excerpt from Electric City [mp3]
Using NOTION, it's easy to add your own symphonic creation (featuring sounds of the LSO, btw) to a live band recording, electronic sequence, film clip, or media presentation. The feature that enables the integration of NOTION with other programs is the 'Save as WAV.' function, found under 'File' in the menu items. This handy feature will turn your composition into a WAV. file, which is recognized by most programs as a sound file.

Let's say you have your own rock band, and you would like to add orchestration to one of your songs. If you recorded it using a sound editing program like ProTools or GarageBand, then the process is a simple 'drag and drop' procedure. Save your NOTION composition as a WAV. file, and then 'drag and drop' that WAV. file into your sound editing program.

Syncing the NOTION WAV. file to your prerecorded music will be simple if your band's recording was done with a click track (a metronome click that audio tracks are synced up with during a recording process). So if your band's song was recorded in GarageBand at 85 beats per minute, you will want to create a NOTION composition with the same tempo. Then simply align the beginning of the NOTION WAV. file you've created with the beginning of the audio tracks in your sound editing software.
No click track? No problem. You can still have your NOTION performance come in on the right beat. Using the NotionPlayer real-time tempo control function, you can be the orchestra conductor as well as the sound engineer.
Now let's say your band's song was recorded with a lot of rubato, and the tempos push and pull. Well, so can the orchestra. NotionPlayer allows you to trigger the tempo of the music, and to save your conducting session as a WAV. file.(refer to earlier newsletter articles for a more in-depth discussion of the NotionPlayer function.) Syncing up a symphony and a rock band is as easy as starting the audio playback of your band's music, and then triggering NOTION through your composition, while listening to your band's prerecorded music. You can then follow all the rhythmic nuances of your prerecorded tracks, and create an orchestra performance that follows the performance of your band. Save that conducting session, then load the session into the NotionPlayer. You can find the 'Load', 'Save', 'Replay NotionPlayer session' options in the menu bar under 'Playback'.

Once you have the NotionPlayer loaded with the correct session, save the file as a WAV. file. That WAV. file is the performance that you just conducted, timed perfectly to match up with your band's song. It's like being in the recording studio with the London Symphony Orchestra.
Now, anywhere you can imagine an orchestra, you can pretty much have it.