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Topic: Full Kontact 2/GPO editing help needed

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    Full Kontact 2/GPO editing help needed

    I downloaded the full Kontact 2 demo.

    I would like to tweak some of the GPO instruments. Perhaps the demo will not let me save the results, but I would still like to learn how to do it.

    How do I change the intonation of a particular wav? Middle C and the
    surrounding B and C# in the Full Section Strings seem flat to me. I clicked
    on C3 in the Mapping Editor and it displays the sample (VlaLf5aC4.wav) but
    I'm stumped about what to do next. How do I get at the actual waveform?
    And is that the only sample playing, or are there layers involved?

    Can I change the intonation of one sample in K2? If not, how do I go about
    exporting it so that I can do that with another program?

    Also, while we're on the topic, what are the basics of tweaking the attack of a GPO instrument in Kontact 2?

    many thanks!

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    Re: Full Kontact 2/GPO editing help needed

    For tuning individual samples: Mapping Editor | Zone Info strip (line below buttons) | far right. Either click the little up/down triangles, or drag the integer/fraction part of number up/down, or type in new number.

    If a sample is covering the entire velocity range, there is a pretty good chance more samples are involved in CC#1 X-fading.

    Attack of GPO instruments = velocity. In the Modulation rack at the bottom of the Editor you can change attack curve/time for the selected group(s).

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