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Topic: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

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    Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    I think I posted this originally in the wrong place, So Maybe this is a more appropriate spot. Sorry.

    Just wanted to post a quirky cut I made using Nine Volt Audio's new RMX basslines. I love em, makes me sound like a good bass player , I have found it diverse and usable. Thanks NVA for another great library. (Used RMX New Orleans Strut loops, and Me playing collosus rhodes and my guitar)


    This link probally won't be up for too long. Sorry for the low res Stream..


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    Thumbs up Re: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    Very nice Eric!!!

    I'm a real nut about the Ninevolt stuff.

    Kyle just keeps crankin out the real McCoy to the Nth degree,....and makes it so easy to use, especially in that it imports seamlessly into RMX and can use all of those great effects!!!!

    The integration into your tune is really rockin!!!

    Nice balance and mix. I enjoyed listening to it!!


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    Re: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    Thank you very much for listening. yeah, I love NVA's stuff, just found out about them, and Dealing with them, (or him, is it just one guy??) has been a real joy. Great person. RMX is my favorite, and having the control with sounds like this is great. Easy to manipulate and change.

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    Re: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    I second Patthoven - just got my set of the Basslines and they sound great.
    I've been a bit short of cash (surprise!) and had to decide between NineVolt's Basslines and the Uebershall/Celemony Electric Bass at the moment; although these are based on the different philosophy, in my case I had to give prioritiy to one of them and ended up encreasing my RMX expanders. No regrets. (Some of the Melodyne's great libraries is - however - a must, later...).

    BTW, NVA's customer service is great, too: when I had difficulties to download
    the file (some local disturbance in my connection), Kyle sent the DVD
    to me a.s.a.p.


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    Re: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    Harry, Eric and Patthoven-

    Much thanks to all of you! I'm truly glad you finding the bass sounds useful.

    Eric - I just checked out your track. Nice work and great use of the electric upright loops - you mixed sounds from a few suites (using different basses) which sounded really cool.

    Harry - I'm glad the loops were a good fit for the sound you were looking for and your pocket book! Always nice when that happens

    I hope you all continue to enjoy the loops!


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    Re: Nine Volt Audio Basslines RMX

    in my case I had to give prioritiy to one of them and ended up encreasing my RMX expanders.
    ...just a follow up and clarification: Nine Volt Audio products are not affiliated with Spectrasonics... "Xpander" is an official Spectrasonic product (or made in conjunction with).


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