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Topic: Demo Files convert to full version? I-Lok?

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    Demo Files convert to full version? I-Lok?

    1. I'm currently waiting for my full copy of Notion (Ordered last Sat 9/16).
    Will the full version open what I've been working on in the Demo?
    Just in case they don't, I did email (CS) a Zipped file with some Notion-Demo files if this needs to be done in-house.

    2. Completely unaware until recently that Notion requires an I-Lok key. Does a I-Lok (USB Key) come with the full version or an I-Lok card?
    (Requiring me to have a Key on hand)
    There didn't seem to be an I-Lok assets-deposit option during ordering if that was (is) another option.

    Thank you.
    Eager to keep working when the full version arrives.

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    Re: Demo Files convert to full version? I-Lok?

    I meant to get back to you before now, I was checking my info to make sure it was correct.

    1: The new version will not open your scores from the demo, however, we did recieve your zip file and are converting it to send back to you so you can continue working on it.

    2: With NOTION, you do receive an iLok USB key, not simply a card. With the Sound Kits or the Score Library selections, you will receive cards to update your iLok. You'll want to refer to the iLok website about asset management. I know it's enabled, but unfortunately it's a proprietary iLok feature and I don't personally know much about it.

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    Re: Demo Files convert to full version? I-Lok?

    Thank you.
    Received files back shortly after getting Notion.

    Including the key is like a $40 savings.
    Thank you.

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