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Topic: OT - Workstation Foinituewha?

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    Question OT - Workstation Foinituewha?

    WATTS a good workstation furniture for well, you know ... that schtuffs you put up on it to make mooseek.
    I need a studio furniture that will hold at least two 19" flat screen LCD Monitors with twin exhaust, four overhead cams, and fuel injection (Howie. ) and an 88 nut keyboard for me virtual instruments and softestware display. Not to mention the easy bake oven compartment and electric slipper warmer inserts.
    Would you be happen to be havin' any luck, ya might say? Arrrrrrrrrrr mates!

    Seriously, no really ... easy now whatchit-now-wait! Don't-go-too-far-too-fast-too-soon! Really, Howie ... Ezz goodt foinituewha fur da PC workstation and moewha?

    Dagburnit lousy no goodt fur nuttin son or a geezer!

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    Re: OT - Workstation Foinituewha?

    Qwik Lock?

    I don't remember how it's spelled, but they make some pretty nice modular units. They are flat plastic tabletops and sturdy metal legs, which come apart so it can be "flattened" and moved easily. You can add all sorts of accessories for usually $30-50, including shelves for speaker monitors computer monitors, a hanging rackmount, an adjustable-angle mixer rack, an under-table slide-out keyboard shelf, caster wheels, etc.

    They're reasonably priced (compared to big wooden "furniture" units), but they are sturdy and easy to set up/break down. I've moved like 5 times and these things come down and set up in about 10 minutes.


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    Re: OT - Workstation Foinituewha?

    Found it -- it's quiklok


    I have the Z555 with a bunch of the accessory shelves and racks attached. I've been very happy with it.


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