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Topic: Mysterious Transposition

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    Mysterious Transposition

    I'm using GPO with PT 7.1 and Mac OS 10.4. I've instantiated GPO, and have loaded DBL Bass KS Solo. However, it seems to be transposing down 1/2 step from what I'm actually playing (from E to Eb). My controller isn't set to transpose. In fact, if I look at the MIDI events, it showing "E". If I un-instantiate GPO, and re-instantiate it it's still the same. What am I doing wrong?


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    Re: Mysterious Transposition

    Depends: if all GPO instruments transpose, Master Tune in the Kontakt Players Options is not set to "0".

    If only the one bass patch transposes, it could be the "Tune" knob in the instruments UI panel (in the Kontakt Player) that is not "0".

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    Re: Mysterious Transposition

    Momentarily move the pitch bend wheel so it goes back to zero/center: does it still sound transposed then?

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