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Topic: Divisi in Sonar

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    Divisi in Sonar

    Violins can play more notes at one time (limited but you can).
    Take a two voices piece (midi tracks).

    Is it wise to combine these two tracks into one track in Sonar and assign them to only one instrument in GPO or should I better use exactly two voices, leave the two tracks in Sonar and assign each one to a different violin instrument?

    Or leave the two instrument tracks in Sonar and assign them to the same one and only violin instrument?


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    Re: Divisi in Sonar

    You can leave them in one track in Sonar but any changes to the mod-wheel/volume/expression/legato(CC64) etc will effect both divisi parts.

    So I tend to split my divisi intruments so I can seperate the effects, thus making a more realistic performance.
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    Re: Divisi in Sonar

    It is technically possible to accomplish divisi in SONAR, by setting the track's output channel to "None", which causes SONAR to use the channel info encoded in the track's events, including the CC's. You can then encode one divisi line to channel 1 and one to channel 2 on the same midi track, for example. Load the player so that the voices playing each line receive on these respective channels.

    It's not worth the trouble, though.

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