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Topic: Game Trailers...

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    Game Trailers...

    Since I'm starting out doing this recently, I'm trying to get a good demo reel together. I've taken some pre-existing game trailers and replaced the audio with my own (music also) and I have to say that it has turned out quite well. My question is about the logistics of using this on a demo reel. Is it bad or possibly going to ruffle the feathers of a particular company if I use one of their trailers in my demo reel? What do you guys use as video content for your reel? Thanks...

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    Make sure that you preface all the trailers with the fact that you are adding aftermarket sounds so as not to take credit away from the original composers and sound designers. I admit I would be a litte taken aback I guess if I saw a Half-Life 2 or Uru/Myst trailer with your sound or music instead of mine, so make sure you state it very clearly as to what you have done. I would also check with the publishers to make sure you're not stepping on any legal or copyright infringements and get written approval to use the media if possible. Also, better make sure your post sounds better than the original, because that's what you'll be compared to.
    Best of luck.

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    I've taken some pre-existing game trailers and replaced the audio with my own (music also)
    i don't think it's a good idea
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    I don't know how old you are, what you want to do in life. but:

    Depens on what you will do with the trailer.

    I've done trailers, movies and games alike, in my own, never showed them to anybody and after a while I was ashamed of them, as I was learning more and more. I never publihsed these trailers.

    If you want practice and nothing else, go ahead, no one will know, no one will notice, no one will care.


    If you want it for a portfolio then you've got a small issue. If I was a game developer, I wouldn't be lokoing for a guy who can put music in a trailer from Resident Evil 4 (for example). I would be looking for someone who has actually done a trailer from a game that he WAS working on. Same with movies. I wouldn't even care for anyone having a trailer taken from LOTR, becasue it shows that this guy/gal never worked, so he/she does not have real life experience. I would prefer a worst film, or documentary, or animation, but straight and true and credited to him/her. It would show his/her talent and also the fact that he/she has discused wit ha director before, or a game developer, and that he/she has experience.

    I doubt that it is difficult to find some kind of film, or game to do music for. It may take time, but still promoting ones self is always a part of buisnes. Start small and move up.

    Again this post is if you want it for pomotional reasons, or portofilo ones. If you want practise go ahead. It's good practise after all.

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    It has been great practice, and if that's all they amount too, then that's fine. As for having examples of my own credited work... well, I'm not there yet. I haven't done anything yet as these are my first steps in this line of work. I'm trying to get a great demo reel to send out for starters then I'm sure I can add something to my resume once I get out there. I'm quite serious about this though. I'm sure that there are a lot of kids out there who saw a game-design commercial on G4 and think that it would be a cool job and don't have the aptitude for it, but I don't fall into that category. I'm very experienced with recording and editing and am working with a partner who is a terrific composer/arranger. Just getting the right demo reel is what's on the agenda right now. It sounds like premade trailers are a bad idea. So in that case, I should just have music tracks and sound fx tracks on a cd with no video? Is that how you guys got started? Thanks...

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    Re: Game Trailers...


    That's how I pretty much started, but not completly...

    I started out in my colleges studio (with very high equipement) and made my first decent recordings, also used trailers from a film, made by our professor (never used it though in my portfolio). And after that I just found people who were looking for music. I contacted the visual department, sort of next door, who were doing Documentaries, and told them :" Hey do you want music?". Well they basically begged me. And I did a couple of documentaries. Then I found a cuople of sites for games, freeware and offered to do music for them, again for free, especially since they were freeware games. From there and from the documentaries I got the material I needed for my site.

    I do not consider my portfolio to be as complete yet, to start knocking on doors like EA, or something so big, but yet I do get paid to write music for games, and always going upwards.

    My point: There are many places to find someone to ask you for music, whether this is a game, a documentary, animation, or anything simmilar (no adds though...) You will have to show your talent in music, but most of them, being free, won't request you to have demo reels and stuff like that. A couple of mp3s will do. After you do these, then you will have all the material you need to work your way up. And either way there is a chance that these "try to be" directors, may actually become serious directors one day, and still remember you name. Or game developers, the same goes for everyone. Meet them and let them take you for a ride towards the top, or the other way around, why not?

    EDIT: If you can actually take a game trailer (Oblivion for example) and write music, sucesfully for that trailer, which is not the easiest of tasks, then be certian that the music alone, without the trailer, will rock anyways. . If the music is not up to the trailer, then possibly it will look worst than an mp3 alone

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I have a much better understanding of where to begin. We have a good bit of music that we've done already which I think will be fine for our portfolio, it's just the sound design aspect that I feel like we need some visuals to really drive the point home. I think I need to look into doing some freeware work so I can have a project or two under my belt and be able to have something original to put visually into a demo reel. Thanks again for all the help guys...

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    If you already have quite a bit of music, I don't see much of a reason, not building a decent website and trying to get paid for what you do. I mean if you have the experience and everything along (equipment, will, knowledge etc...) there's little from stoping you getting an indie job, even a cheap one.

    Of course trying to get a job and charge 5$ per track, sounds a little ridiculous to me personally (cause this way you are droping the prices for everybody who work in game audio, or film audio, or whatever), but anyway see how you feel and what you can find. If you are capable there's nothing really stoping you from getting a job, however small. Of course you may lack the actual working experience, still a lot of indie developers are not that strict when searching for composers.

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    Re: Game Trailers...

    Yeah, I'm in the process of building a website for this. I'm thinking about put 3 tracks for each genre, like 3 techno-ish clips, 3 orchestral clips, 3 horror-ish clips etc;

    Having visuals to go with the sound design aspect of our business is what's tricky right now. Somehow an audio clip of sound fx just doesn't seem like it will have the same impact as seeing it happen within the context of a video clip.

    There's an art college near where I live, I might be able to get a computer animation student to let me use some of their work for my demo reel in the hopes that maybe they'll get some more exposure because of it...

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