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Topic: first Steinway piece...

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    first Steinway piece...

    'Sup everyone, Here's a quick little piece i wrote late last night. I haven't had that much work with writing for piano so it may sound a bit off. It's not very long either but please let me known whatcha' thought!


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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Unable to connect to this, n3wman918...



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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    does it keep saying transferring data... on the bottom of the browser?

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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    You should be able to click Download File and and open it. Shouldn't have to save it either.

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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Doesn't work here either. Won't stream and won't download - or, rather, it downloads to an empty wave file (0 bytes.)


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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    What if I tried converting it to a mp3?

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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Quote Originally Posted by n3wman918
    What if I tried converting it to a mp3?
    Definately convert it to MP3. Don't post a WAV file as they are HUGE and will take an eternity to download for some.



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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Okay, should work now. It's called piano track.


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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Has anyone had a chance to check it out? Curious to see if it's any good at all. Sorry if it sounds like a "bump" post.

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    Re: first Steinway piece...

    Your link doesn't work.

    Larry G. Alexander

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