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Topic: Why does volume reset to 90

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    Why does volume reset to 90

    I am using GS3 and I wonder why my MIDI volume always resets to 90 after I finish playing my sequence in SONAR 5. I have Giga on its own computer connected to my DAW running SONAR. As I recall, previous versions of Giga allowed me to set the default MIDI volume at 127. Why can't I get the volume to stay at 127 after play stops?
    I tried to search for the answer to this question in these forums but didn't find anything on the topic.

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    Re: Why does volume reset to 90

    In sonar:

    Options->Project->Midi Out Tab->Uncheck "Zero Controller When Playback Stops. "Zero", in this case the default volume of 90, or whatever it was.

    I tend to have orchestral stuff set up with instruments at, like, half volume (for lots of room to go in either direction), so you can imagine how many time I deafened myself before figuring this one out.


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