Tip: When uninstalling GS a "non pnp device driver" called NetworkX (Crypkey) remains running on the system. To uninstall you have to remove this "device driver" with the "device manager, show hidden devices". Files to remove after device uninstall (Windows Directory)
CkConfig.exe - manage the crypkey server
CkConfig.ini - Special zero length file
Crypkey.ini - Contains a list of the monitored directories
Setup_ck.dll - Installation helper dll
Setup_ck.exe - Installation helper exe

Windows NT\System32
Crypserv.exe - Crypkey License Service
Ckldrv.sys - NetworkX driver
esnecil.ind - License file created the first time Crypkey is initialized

Traffic Control Executables Directory
SetupEx.EXE - Crypkey installation program. Expands CKS.exe
CKS.exe - Self-extracting zip file
setupex.xco - Created by SetupEx.exe

Happy uninstalling !