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Topic: Hexameron

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    A unusual piece of six variations based upon a theme from an opera of Bellini, made by Liszt, Chopin, Thalberg, Pixis, Herz, Thalberg and Czerny. I found this piece somewhere and the score looked ugly and sloppy. So I consulted many other sources and my notes about Liszt and revised this piece to my standards of a good sounding work [after all the number of alterations was minimal, only corrected some sloppy notations by Liszt .... he ignored his own keysettings, you know).

    I hope you will enjoy this. A score is included in my esnips folder.


    See you next time,


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    Re: Hexameron

    What a curious amalgam of precious metals! I don't
    believe I've ever run across this.

    Very nice work on it, Raymond; thank you for putting
    it before us... and a fine job on the score, as well.


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    Re: Hexameron

    Believe it or not but that was the hardest to do.
    I wanted to maintain the writings of Liszt as much as possible (and of course the others as well). Liszt was very hard to follow, he started some pedalling without ending it.

    He put some accidentals where they didn't belong and needed... etc. and his dynamics were awful. I'd never seen ffff before as I remember it well, and sometime he forgot that when beginning with a ff and a crescendo to fff he had to put there a diminuendo as well for a next crescendo.

    To understand this I searched on the net for an explanation and found out that the mechanics of the old days pianos weren't that flexible as in our days, so he really had to slam that piano to get a full fff(f).

    By the way, during that studie I stumbled upon an unknown piano The Er(h)ard, used by Chopin, Liszt and some others. I found also a mp3 example of the sound (but could not find it again later). It was really a revelation among all the Steinways, Blüthners, and others. A very lyrical sound.

    Now it is time to go to bed..... worked all day with garritan/sonar and my pianoconcerto to get a decent sound (and it is not easy).


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    Re: Hexameron

    This work is unknown to me but I must say, I was completely enthralled by it. Your rendering was superb and must have taken a lot of work. You captured the Liszt-Chopin technique perfectly. Well done.
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