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Topic: Bow noise - especially in upper register

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    Bow noise - especially in upper register

    So, I've got a new controller with a pedal and things have improved quite a bit. I can do so much more! One thing is still really bugging me and that is the amount of bow noise - especially in the upper register - some times the noise is as loud as the violin itself. I have tried many gain settings and expression pedal settings without success. What am I doing wrong?? If not is there any way to turn this down without taking away from the rest of the sound??

    It sounds like sampling noise and not part of the violin. Does a well-played violin sound this noisy? Don't see in reference t this in the manual. Am using Kontakt 2.0 on a G5 dual 2G with 2 G Ram. OSX 10.4.7. Digital Performer 5.01.

    I have also noticed at times that some of the samples sound sort of out of phase as well. Maybe hearing things.

    Any comments/thoughts??


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    Re: Bow noise - especially in upper register

    Thanks to Giorgios suggestions, I pulled the pref file from Kontakt 2 (temporarily lost my registration) and reinstalled the Strad - Rebuilt the database a few times etc and voila! I must have altered the settings (octaves or pitch) trying to get the keyswitches to highlight and/or who knows what. Not having the expression pedal working did not help either.

    Anyway, the Strad is truly wonderful! Now I can get down to playing and composing!


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