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Topic: Question for Spectrum

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    Question for Spectrum

    Hey Eric,

    Have you had any more thoughts about making that Ethnic instrument that you mentioned you'd like to do some time ago?

    I know there are a number of libraries out there now, but I still believe that there is room for another (yours).

    Also, if you could spin a library that utilises Pedro Eustache then that would be sweet.

    Kind Regards,

    Ben H

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    Re: Question for Spectrum

    Thanks for the interest, but we don't comment either way publically on the status of future Spectrasonics product development.

    You'll just have to see what products we do when we release them :-)


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    Re: Question for Spectrum

    Thanks Spectrum.

    At least you guys comment at all. Even if your official comment is "no comment"

    Ben H

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