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Topic: Demo EQ question.

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    Demo EQ question.

    Hi everyone. I am having trouble telling whether I have enough Bass in my online Demo. I don't think there is any less bass than in the original samples, but I could swear that every other thing I hear online has much fatter bass.

    Should I compensate for small computer speakers when I master my demo? Is that how most game people will hear it?

    I just can't make up my mind and need some other ears to tell me if my demo is too tinny.

    Anyway, if you have time, here it is:

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    I think "Afterlore" sounds great as is, but maybe what you're hearing is more of a mixing issue than mastering. In the loud part of "Afterlore" for example, you hear the brass very solidly up front, but not much low string or timpani. My impression is that for this kind of a mix, low string / percussion could be miced closer and simply mixed louder, in order to get that big bass tone that you might be after. If you try to master the whole stereo mix to get more bass, you might end up with a muddier tone, or lose the brilliance of the brasses.

    Instead, you could try actually brightening the tone of the bass instruments (bit of a presence boost or harmonic exciter so they sound closer and cut through), taking them up in volume and then using something like Waves MaxxBass to increase the bass more safely. The thing to watch out for I guess is just making sure that you don't make things too muddy, and that you don't sacrifice too much of the brass.

    As for the MIDI-based tracks, what sample library are you using? It could be as simple as adding an EQ bass boost to the lower instruments, perhaps running a slight multiband compression* to the mix in case the EQ boost caused clipping.

    * I'm almost afraid to even mention compression with orchestra mixes, since it's so heavily debated whether or not this makes things "overprocessed".... but in my experience it's worked wonders, so who knows
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    Will! Thanks for the tips. Tell me if I fixed it. I replaced the mp3 files. I think my problem with the midi based tracks was just that I had the Cellos and Basses volumed down by 2db lower than the other strings to simulate the differences in section size. Bad idea!

    PS, I am using EW Gold, but am panning the basses and Cellos to the same positions as GPO bass and cello.

    But I think it sounds more balanced now. And also perhaps the afterlore brass bass is fixed? I was afraid to boost it too much.

    Let me know what you think...

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    Hm, well unfortunately I don't have the old versions saved to compare them directly, but I think this was just a matter of personal taste anyways; so if you're satisfied with it now then that's more than good enough! I will say that the more dense sections of Vegetus (eg. 1:26) seem to sound fuller than I remembered them. One question though - what kinds of processing are you running on the instruments? Like any additional reverbs, etc.?

    One thing that might be thinning things out a bit is panning the instruments around too much. Since EWQL is recorded in position, we don't really have very much wiggle room for panning; you can shove the basses a little more to the right side, but that's pretty much it before the tone starts to thin out. Try moving them to the other side or attempt to center them and you'll actually end up hearing more of the recorded reverb tone, and less of the original source / dry signal.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    Is that true about the in position recording? I thought Gold was centered, especially percussion. Hmm. I will definitely have to check that out. I will change my whole template if you're right.

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    All the symphonic orchestra libraries are positioned -- the symphonic choirs as well.

    It's part of their "out-of-the-box" appeal.

    You can manually center them, however, or move them if you want. Somewhere in the manual it suggests this.

    One time I brought over a demo reel to a developer's studio and he had the crappiest speakers... it was just generic desktop speakers. I was like... man, you ain't gonna hear any bass on these things. No one sounds good on these.

    Just ask yourself what the demos are for -- who they're going to go to -- and then look at catering it to that situation.

    At least that's my opinion.
    - Dan

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    I loved the OdetoNes! What synth(s) did you use for that? Or were you just using a NES tracker of some kind?

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    Re: Demo EQ question.

    Quote Originally Posted by dannthr

    Just ask yourself what the demos are for -- who they're going to go to -- and then look at catering it to that situation.
    I'm only commenting on this statement because it's very similar to an idea that I shudder to think of how many game producers have said and that is that games should be mixed for tv speakers. It is a paradigm that can keep audio departments in the far reaches of ghetto-ness for eternity. There is only one solution to accounting for consumer listening environments and that is to mix for a flat frequency response.

    I heard that THX (they master your media if you're certified with them) puts a small dip at around 2500 kHz (or somewhere around there) for DVDs to account for the general frequency response of a living room, but those guys have done tons of research on it. So I'm not saying it isn't done I just think your time is better spent improving one mix that sounds good everywhere. Like you said, nothing will sound good on desktop satellites and even if you make a separate mix for them, you're not improving things much. Really loud punchy things can still be loud and punchy on crappy speakers if you have a nice balanced mix.

    And that's my two cents.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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