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Topic: Core 2 Duo K2 Perfromance?

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    Core 2 Duo K2 Perfromance?

    Anyone using a Core 2 Duo rig and noticing improvements in K2 performance?


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    Re: Core 2 Duo K2 Perfromance?

    I've got a Core 2 rig and noticed an improvement in performance for everything. I don't have any projects that will get it over 30% CPU.

    Are you experiencing problems specific to Kontakt 2? Are you running the latest version? (2.1.1 I think)


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    Re: Core 2 Duo K2 Perfromance?

    I am about to go to these Core 2 Duo chips next week. Yes K2.1.1

    Will it run on XP Pro or is there a special add on Windows SP that I need????

    eg- XP Pro SP 2 B or something of taht ilk?


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    Re: Core 2 Duo K2 Perfromance?

    I think it will run with SP1 and maybe RTM just fine. You'll want to update to SP2 as SP1 will no longer be supported by MS in a few weeks/months.

    Why would you not want to update to the latest service pack as you're building a new machine?

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