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Topic: KX88 - I need some help.

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    Angry KX88 - I need some help.

    Hi Everyone!

    I have a KX88 and it has been working like a champ. After re-initializing it, the notes A1-A3 do not trigger when hit. I am, so far, unable to figure out why.

    Does anyone out there know what the problem maybe?


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    Re: KX88 - I need some help.


    i on 3 KX 88's...can't praise their reliability enough.

    never had to re-initialise them though . I am just wondering if it could be a midi channel thing going on. Do you transmit midi note on in that range or there's no midi activity at all?


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    Re: KX88 - I need some help.

    I too have a KX-88 that I love, but it bit the dust recently. It is stuck in dual mode and therefore spits out two midi notes simultaneously into my midi tracks in DP.
    I have go to each note and click on each note and hit delete. Way too time consuming.
    I opened the keyboard and unplugged every multi-pin connector and reconnected them and that fixed the problem. Then a few weeks later, it acted up again, so I did the same thing again only this time it did not fix it.

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