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Topic: Jim Cox

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    Re: Jim Cox

    Yeah all my efforts came up empty as well but I may actually have the magazine buried in a box in my garage. I did throw away or give away a lot of stuff over the years when moving but hopefully I kept that. I thought I had the soundsheet slipped inside one of my 300 some albums. I looked through everyone of them and didn't find it. Oh well I'll keep searching.

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    Re: Jim Cox

    I am sorry if resurrecting this thread is not appropriate, but I have found an mp3 of this particular recording that has been part of me ever since I read that issue of Keyboard magazine. I was 13 years old back then... gee.

    Since so many people were looking for it, I decided to register and post the link here:
    Soundpages at 7laws.com.

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    Re: Jim Cox

    I haven't heard the demo yet but I'm a pedal steel player. Don't remember the Prophet, but back in 82-85 or whatever, a few keyboards had a latch feature to keep some notes stationary while pitch bending others .... like a pedal steel. I don't even know if that feature is around any more.

    It was on Arp Chroma's baby sister the Chroma Polaris. I used to try that out over at West LA music and while sorta serviceable, it wasn't quite right sounding. And unless you were/are a steel player, the effect was less effective since non-players dont understand which notes can/can't bend in a chord. Or which ones only go up and which ones only go down etc.

    I could see it useful in 1985 for mixing a pedal steel effect way back in the background, but it always seemed more trouble for me than just playing the steel part on a steel.

    Another thing I used to do was set up ten separate midi channels on a sound module and have them all set to the same clean electric guitar sound. I'd do the same exact thing on another sound module, set to an organ. Gtr for attack, organ for sustain. Organ module turned down in volume compared to the gtr module. Remember, this was the old days of racks of sound modules.

    That also worked pretty well as I could set some channels to bend up or down, etc.

    Still took too long. Much more simple for me to just crank up the real thing.

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    Re: Jim Cox


    At last our search is over, thank you so much! I also replied to you over on the Keyboard mag forum.
    The posted file has I believe the entire year of 1986 sound sheets from Keyboard magazine in one Mp3 file. Jim's recording of Shenandoah is the first song.

    Enjoy all.


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