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Topic: Hello all ! I'm new to this forum and already need some help !

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    Hello all ! I'm new to this forum and already need some help !

    Hi to all of you ,

    well I've been surfing and searching for help , and I thought this site would be a really good occasion to get advices and help .

    I'm quite a beginner in the home-studio world , and help is often needed .

    My first problem is about the Lyrical Distortion sample library in Kontakt 2 .

    I can't find out the way to create keyswitches so I could use more than one patch . ( I'm using Kontakt 2 in the Logic 7.2 sequencer ) , and the fact is that I'm kinda lost in this " group editor " thing and stuff .

    Could someone describe me the entire process to be able to play more than only one patch , using keyswitches to change the guitar sounds ?

    I know that it is probably a really dumb question for adviced users , but I really need some tips on this one !

    Thanks a lot ,

    Raphaël .

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    Smile Re: Hello all ! I'm new to this forum and already need some help !

    Hi and Welcome to NS!

    Boy, that’s a loaded question. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I will try.

    Key switches affect groups (as opposed to zones or individual samples unless they belong to a group unto themselves). Confused yet?

    1. Go to the group editor.
    2. Toggle the “Edit All Zones” button so that it is OFF.
    3. Select the group that you wish to assign to a key switch. (Make sure it has a check in the box)
    4 Right under the group editor is a little button – “Group Start Options” click it.
    5. Group Starts {menu} select “On key”
    6. “Key is between” – set both to the key you want as a key switch
    7. “and not always” – not necessary but a good habit (unless you are going to add other conditions).
    8. That’s it!

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    Re: Hello all ! I'm new to this forum and already need some help !

    Hello Raphaël,

    Go to the Lyrical Distortion room in the Bela D Media Users Forum.

    There you will see a sticky called: UPDATE: Lyrical Distortion 1 Advanced Kontakt2 programing. This contains a scripted patch for K2 using keyswitches as well as other things, makes LD very easy to work with

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