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Topic: Cello solo sound

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    Cello solo sound

    Hi, every one
    I´m a Brazilian. It´s my first time in this fórum. Sorry about poor English.

    We have a lot of dificult to know abou new releases in music Technology. Thanks to a lot of information provide by internet, but still the big dificult of experiment and hear every thing.

    In Brazil, we have to buy some produts whithout a real experiment...Can you imagine a lot of mistakes and waste time and money. The original products are really expensive to us.

    Please, I would like to sugestions about especific products which have a good and real Cello Solo virtual instrument (and playable...). I like very much this orchestral instrument in pop music.

    I have seen the Garritan Stradivari Violin, I´m impressioned...There is some option in Cello world???

    Thanks any help.

    Humberto Garrocho -Brazil

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    Yes, there is. Garritan is also coming out with a solo cello. Don't know when the release date is though.


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    Re: Cello solo sound

    It´s a big news Jim.
    I will be conected to know when it became reality.

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    Bem Vindo Humberto.
    The Garritan Solo Cello will be released very soon.
    I think this is the one you will want.
    It is worth waiting for.

    até mais


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    Re: Cello solo sound

    I was in the market for solo cello too recently. I went with the VSL solo strings, and I'm very happy with my purchase - it has a good selection of articulations and sounds great. It was my first venture into VSL samples, and I have to say that I'm hooked. I just wish they weren't so expensive... but I guess you get what you pay for.

    In my search for info on solo cello samples, I also saw many recommendations for the solo cello in Kirk Hunter Emerald.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    Thanks Joe, I´m sure that waiting for Garritan Cello Solo will be worth.
    I liked the use of some words in portuguese. Perfect.

    Thanks very much Dane. I´m going to search this sugestions in internet.

    Humberto Garrocho

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    the Garritan solo cello is, in its current state of development, controversial to say the least. But it's still not too late for the ugly duckling to mutate into a swan the way the Strad violin has done so admirably. Anyway listen to some of several demos of it dotted around and make up your own mind.

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    Hi "dko22",
    I really would like to listen Garritan Cello solo demos; Please, can you say me where can I found it?

    My interest in solo cello is too simple; IT´s not necessary a lot of articulations and other details. I would apreciate a good and real timbre in high frequency range of instrumentent, and real time control of atack, to control legato and portamento.
    Have you seen the last show on video of David Gilmor (Pink Floyd) solo??
    there was a beautiful cellist in the band. I liked very much.

    Thanks any way.

    Humberto Garrocho - Brazil

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    The use of Cello in Bossa Nova has always astounded me, as it seems to be the perfect "middle voice"/sotto voce for the expression of sensuality and suppleness, especially within the BOSSA genre. The work of Jacques Morelenbaum, with his wife Paula and Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, immediately comes to mind in this regard. The Dan Dean Solo Cello works okay within a small ensemble context, although I have yet to hear a Solo Cello library that would equate to The Real McCoy: an actual solo, Acoustic Cello. To approximate the true sonorities of a stringed, acoustic instrument within the digital realm is nearly impossible, given the complex array of harmonics to consider, apart from the actual musician him/herself whose legato lines and/or vibrato can vary as equally as that of any professional Opera singer. Hence, it is always best to experiment with different libraries in order to know what works best to fulfill your immediate needs.

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    Re: Cello solo sound

    Hi "wallabear" I think you´re right about the today´s limitations of eletronics to simulate acoustic sound instruments, and the particular artist performances skills.

    But I´m sure; Each day, less limitations prevent my dream to became reality... The Stradvari Violin, by Garritan, is a good example.

    I like very much of Jacques Morelembaun works. May be, he is the best Cello player, when talking about Brazilian´s pop music. The fisrt sucess was playing with the Caetano Veloso. Caetano´s music has a lot of diferent styles, included Bossa Nova. Each work is beatiful.

    But, Morelembaun, has worked before with a lot of other artists, as Egberto Gismonti, Marco Antonio Araújo ( A brazilian classical/Rock compositor dead a lot years ago), Gal Costa, Maria Bethânia, and recently with Sting.

    When he plays the music becames Gold. He is brillant in music arrangement too.

    There is another Cellist, that I have been hear...Lui Coimbra...He has played with pop Brazilian music artists: Alceu Valença, Ney MAtogrosso, Zizi Possi.


    Humberto Almeida- Brazil

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